Another reason…

In this trip called “life”, what is so wonderful & strange at the same time, is where you may end up, and what your hopes were, vs. what reality really is ..

How sad to realize that your expectations where so high, and the fall to reality left you with a crushed ego. My Grandmother gave me advice before she left this world ‘ don’t go to the rocking chair with regrets”. And my Auntie’s advice ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained”. So upon this wisdom, I unfolded my sails, and went to France, with very high exceptions, which were corrected month after month.

There were wonderful times as well, and great friendships made along the Path, but to renounce my American citizenship, and become french, was not to be , for me . So now, what to do ???

Start selling my French memories ..and maybe accept the facts, that are in front of me. I will not have a family, or grandchildren, so I do not need to hold onto items, because they will not be passed down to a younger relative.

So to start this selling – will be 2 beautiful French Alpine folk art hand painted chairs. My love for French folk art started with me realizing the young french do not like it, nor do they understand how wonderful it is. How can you visit the wonderful ALPS and not view the wonderful snow covered mountains, the smell of tasty onion soup with melted cheese on top of the bowl. The fresh baguette with the crispy bread outside, and the warm smooth texture inside the bread.

My trip to the Alps changed my life, and I now feel, snow covered mountains, where quiet peace reigns, may be my next address..but on USA soil..

Beautiful hand painted French alps country chairs.

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