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Bio: Hey All, I have changed my mind. I thought, I would live in the South for ever, but find myself in France. Now, after 8 yrs of living under this strange socialist rules, and watching the French govt. lie to the world, I am planning on going back to the USA. WHY ? some ask - the answer is simple - Once you accept nothing is 100% perfect ( except G-d), then all else becomes a percentage game..and paying 43% taxes for living here, is not worth it- and the medical care is basic - no specialists are included. I will now start my journey, back to where I belong, under the sunshine and pickup trucks. hugs , D

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  1. Hi my name is theodore.ive been looking for someone to go with for sometime now.ive got my passport.ive got money to travel.id like to know more.im willing to do whatever it would take to work,stay and live.a response back would be so much appreciated.questions….ask away.


    1. hello, bonjour,
      my first question to you, and everyone is … how is your french ?
      The simple rule is ” You need to speak the language of the Land”, there are tons of schools here to help everyone, at all levels . If you need to work, that is where the french will become needed, as the money is tied into this.(better french=better pay)
      I will share my experience to help you.
      i have your email address, and will email you also,


    2. bonjour ,
      I sent to you an email – and did not hear back from you. when are you planning on coming to Paris ? let me know, and I will try to help you. merci


  2. Bonjuor
    I’m interested in the experience of traveling to Paris. My french speaking level is immediate and is currently growing since I am study studying. If possible I would like to have more info on the 2014 exchange. Please email info and any questions


    1. bonjour,
      I sent to you an email ( so you do not have to post personal things) – but what we need to help – is your budget ( and everyone has one – small or large). Your level of French – because, if you want to explore Paris, and you have a med level skill – then you can feel safe, asking for directions etc .. Also, the timeframe , when you want to visit – because, most ‘tourist places’ are open in August , but the ” non- tourist” places , may be closed for the month. Yes – the French do enjoy life more- and taking a month of vacation, is very important in this life style.
      Keep in touch ,


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