Jean Louis David

Jean Louis David Day

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I must say – over all I am very happy, and plan on going back. The school is at 5 Rue Cambon, Paris. Now the process is very serious, unlike usa. You must show up to make the appt, but in truth, they are reviewing and interviewing you on the spot. The is a rule , where you must have so much centimetres cut off, to make it worth the students time. I passed on that one, and they were cool, that I did not speak perfect french, I can speak with nouns and infinitive verbs, not up to adj yet -ha..
so i made the appt, for the next opening – a week later .. Ok so I am on time, very important , because you enter as a group ! So me and ten other ladies all have the same time, now for the french style the front desk ..they take your coat,and give you 2 gowns to for the cut, one for the color !! So upstairs we go, and all are sitting down, then the students come from their lunch , thus why the appt is at 2.30 , and u are walked in to the salon, very clean looking.The girl was very nice, and everyone gets the JLD book to look at, for cuts and style – do not bring your own photo- so of course, you see my crazy curls,there was ONE photo for me..ha , all the rest require straight hair, so my choice was very simple (no they do not offer straightening hair ) , the second book was for color, and since i was looking for a new chic look , i thought – go wild for 8.00 euros and see what they offer (called a la technique) so i was given a second book – and i picked out a softer red ..

then you wait, cause the student now, must explain what she is going to do on me, the model – and this is where the teacher reviews what will happen, i do not know what happened , but the teacher, had a long discussion over my hair,to the class..have no idea what was said, but in broken english, she told me, they are feeling a darker red would be better for my skin tone..i said decor, (ok) merci

so the student washes my hair, then starts to cut away at this bush called hair- and here is a note- she starts , with the teacher there, and they start to thin out my bush, with a razor..ok; I’m going with the flow – then the teacher shows her how to cut vertically with scissors , yes she spent 15 min just whacking this bush ! ha, and they evened out the hair in the back , very happy with cut..

so now you change gowns, and the color starts, ok; so she puts on a color, then ten min later, she comes back, and puts a white glue looking stuff on the top of some of the sections..i went with the flow ( she was trying to create highlights..i think)
so 30 min later, she washes the stuff out of my hair, and all i see is brown ! i see some blonde tips, but its so small, its like a spit in the wind either the dye was mixed wrong, or i did not understand they were going brown on me.

ok, so do my usual walk to the train, from the Louv.muse,and see a place that reminds me of home..McDonalds – ha, so i went in, and treated my self, to help me feel a little better about this brown hair.

I get home, and Nic is very nice, but he says , he prefers the red- it matches my personality better – crazy red..ha

so over all, i am happy with JLD, and will go back in 2 months, but i will know how to say ‘ i only want a red shade ‘ , and if they say no,, then i will just get the cut..  and do the color myself

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