Juno Beach

Juno Beach
Friday, November 02, 2012

Back on the road, to continue onto our motel. On the way, we followed the highway, that many WW2 troops followed. The first beach we saw was Juno. This beach is not too well known, it was one of the 5 beaches that were to be the “Normandy Invasion” It was taken by Canada and England, total loss of men, numbered around 1,000

more pics of beach

This beach, like most in this country, have been preserved – no fancy homes with large walls, to prevent you from the water. Most of the area, has the same tough grasses, that grow back home. It would look like a normal beach, except, as you draw nearer, you start to see, the real life , hard cold facts – of what happened here.

The Canadians landed here, to support the American Landing- taking place down the road. Down the road- Hell was breaking lose !

Juno was not a heavy place of battle – as the text books say. However, there were German Bunkers everywhere ! They were spaced out – every 500 feet or so.

I am sure, there are many soldiers, who died on these sands- would argue that point …to death..

Rest in Peace-


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