Joyeux Noel ! (cheveux de lametta)

Bonjour !

Tuesday, December 25, 2012 Joyeux Noel !! Can you believe another year has passed ?? wow how time does fly ! Especially for me , why you ask ? Let me share with you a typical 5 day quest .. My quest is not for God’s secrets, or world peace – or what will happen with the NYSE .. or the perfect shoe style ..nope .. my quest was for ……..silver tinsel … yes you read correctly .. don’t make a face of confusion – but its true. It seems in Paris … tinsel is NOT common here, which i did not know, when i started to look for it – i just thought, i was slow to the stores ..and they sold out .. Now, i do know, that this rare Christmas find, is not common in Upper scale stores, back home .. so it did not surprise me that it was not in BHV, or C&A .. so off to Carrefour DSCF0302 i went . this store is more like Walmart .. and to my horror – all i found was tons of food , which IS the main item for Christmas here … DSCF0307 DSCF0308 and ONE aisle for Christmas decorations !! WHAT ? DSCF0304 one aisle !!are these frenchie”s crazy ?? this had to be an error, i left thinking, a store buyer will be getting her pink slip soon … DSCF0306 Since, I am in Paris 5 days a week for work, I thought, I’d visit some of the cheap ” Aisa kind of stores ” , they had windows full of gaudy flashing Christmas lights – blinking so much , you feel like putting on platform shoes, pulling out that unforgiving polyester dress, and listening to ABBA and the Bee Gees …  . I felt sure, these people would have my specail silver Christmas need ..again, shock ! horror !! what do you mean you do not have tinsel ? and worse – they never heard of it !! at this point – i start to wonder – where am i ? in a Twilight Zone episode ?? do I see a camera , in that head wrap on that woman ?? NOPE .. DSCF0301 on the 24th , we went to a local store called CORA, its a little like Walmart – but on a smaller scale ..and here, I found something as close as possible .. its called Cheuveux de lametta but its like a ball …. how will this hang straight ?? and the red !! was this supposed to be blood dripping from my tree ? this does not look like ice ! i was defeated – i brought the 2 bags they had for sale ( 1.00 each) , and tried to place it on the tree, to resemble ice. It does not look nice, more like a Christmas tree dripping blood.. i think, my friends in America will have to grab a few boxes of this rare tinsel for me .. and to secure this silver ice & send it to me , or wait for me to come . and fetch it .. who knew that Kmart -would sell rare items like this ?? Maybe , I can teach these frenchie’s a few things how tinsel in silver looks like ice .. and red .. looks like a tree …from the Red Light district … 😦 now, i feel the need to listen to ” Santa Baby “, by Eartha Kitt , 🙂 bonne nuit !

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