The Pains of this Trip


This trip”s disaster can be summed up in 2 words …. CAR RENTAL

I am not new to traveling, but have never encountered this kind of incompetence before . I first booked my Charleston rental car with the online site called ”” , on this, i wanted a small hatchback , Aveo car, for my stay in the city. everything was set for one week before, I arrived in the States.

On my CT part of the trip, now 3 days before i was to leave for Charleston, I received a call, from some british man saying he was from the car rental place, and he called to inquire what kind of driver license i had. I told him a SC driver license, at which , he informed me, he was canceling my car; It seems, the company preferred a European driver license. I told him, this was not logical , its better to have a license in the country where you are driving .(sounds logical to me). He said, that was the company policy, and wished me a good day that point, I felt the need to express what kind of day, I wished for him….This rental was to cost me 149

The second renal car company is Advantage, in Charleston. I used them before, and knew they had an Aveo car, which is my fav car . Its small, has a hatchback, and gets 38 ish miles to the gallon. So I went online, and reserved a car with them, now the price went up 50.00 , but I was ok with that . When I arrived , by taxi to Advantage- she informed me, that she could not take my business debit card for the rental . She explained, they had Hertz buy them out, and now, they must follow those rules- and I had to do a credit check in order to get the rental . .well, I had a bad divorce … so you know, that credit score is not too pretty now.. so I was denied a car – EVEN though , I rented with them in April with no problems !! they offered me a ride to another rental place called Thrifty . This rental was to cost 205.00

At Thrifty, I was meet with a customer service girl , that was not ” customer service ” at all . She acted, like a “zit on your ass” …no one can see the obvious pain you feel ..but you must deal with it .. When she found out, that I did not have a credit card, the cost for renting a car – when into orbit . I did not have full insurance , because, I do not need it to ride the metro ..nor a credit card – ( divorce fallout) .. it blinded me .. the rental was to cost me 735.00 ! The insurance was 38.00 a day !! and the rental car was 19.00 a day.. plus taxes, plus ” bend over taxes”, airport taxes ( and they are not at the airport) . I was given a huge car, called Elantra. Its a very typical american car, full of wasted space , and was not easy to put in luggage – nor good on gas.

I could not understand , why Europeans , do not experience these problems when they rent a car in America. When I was sharing my story to Nic, he did not understand what was going on. He thought, I rented a BMW , with the final cost of the rental . Only when I returned back to France, and spoke to Nic, we discovered how Europeans rent a car with no problems …. on Nic’s debit card …it does not say DEBIT .. so looking at it – appears like a credit card !!
And thus the reason !! ( light bulb is on ) So, he tells the american rentals , yes its a credit card ..and they run the cost like it – and the insurance Advantage was 90.00 extra for the 8 days .. Thrifty was 38.00 a day ! a rip off – from the start .

I went on on line, and gave each company one star as a review – to try and warn people ,
about those “zits on your butt ” rentals ..

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