French Fashion Lesson 2013 part 2 – The Bottom Line

Now comes the bottom half – let me just start with- the frenchies have NO BUTT. I have never seen so many women on the Metro , that the front & the back look so close !! No boobs , No butts – I stand out , with my C cup & ghetto butt . Most of them are a size 4 or 6, to which- they wear skinnies jeans – to show off their lack of butt. I have noticed some leggings as well, but I think- maybe they are just learning to like this item .. I think, they prefer the skinny jeans to the black leggings. The jeans now you will enjoy this .are usually very ugly .. I mean, a flashback to the 1980’s , like torn at the knees , acid washed , faded & stonewashed .. just plan ugly ! No bling at all ..I also have tried to notice if all women wear the same , regardless of age … the only difference with age , the jeans get better looking with age ..( like the wine rule ). Mature women, will not buy that torn jeans look – they buy a more polished jean – but they are still skinny, or straight legs..NEVER a boot cut or relaxed ..never . The jean is always “skimming the body ” and NEVER a panty line .. yes , I look , cause that is the only way i am learning – so women, of all ages here, buy that thing called a ‘thong” .or as some call it ‘ sling shot ‘.


I took a couple of pictures, while I was in one of my favorite stores “Carrefour”, which is showing their spring line . A couple of things should stand out for you. First- these pants are called ‘ Straight Women’ , for Americans , this means a sexual lifestyle .. and your body size … these 2 meaning have NOTHING in common with the french meanings . Carrefour, is telling us, that these pants are for females & they are straight legs. Here is the part , that I am still dealing with ….this size is called a “plus ” .. this is a size 6 !!! This kills me every time I see this . I think its a way to warn a woman , that she is getting close to the abyss .. called double digits death .. size 10.

To add just a little bit of size pressure, they have a fashion video on display. To promote the spring line, during these zero temps. The models are from that world, where everyone is 10 feet tall, and a size 2.


And in this world, girls are taught to walk at a very young age , to love high heels. While this video is on display, you can see the marketing idea .. buy these pants and you can look like this model . I can buy these pants and walk in 4″ inch heels , with no problem ! SOLD


I am also attaching some pics of what the finished looks should look like . I am very happy to share , that the classic ” french strip” or “sailor strip ” is still alive and popular & profitable.


Also , a kind of ” knock off ” of Chanel is also common- but its designed to entice the younger girls into this ” updated polish look”. This jacket is an example – where its a zipper, placed on a diagonal. Set with skinny jeans, the look is classic french .

So its monday, and after writing about the french bottoms, I know , mine is too big .. so off to DUKAN I go . No bread .. ! how can these french people stay so thin ? I may know the reason, why they drink so much wine now .. to forget about the croissants !

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