The Fashion Gods of Paris- Louis Vuitton

Sunday, April 07, 2013

I have found a small job in the most exclusive area in Paris the 8th Arr. ( by accident) , or was it the Fashion Gods’ way of telling me to get a clue ..

Every day, I walk past the ” Names”, that are Paris’s Fashion Gods. I do get a small sense of enjoyment walking past these expensive windows , knowing that in some small Chinese factory copies are being made . I see this as economic karma hitting back, at the designers , who do not want to pay a fair wage to American or European workers .. but that is another blog…


Today is LV , the company started in 1854, with the simple design of a flat top steam truck. This was a new idea – to make them stackable , most were designed like a doctors bag – rounded on the top. Think of the movie “Titanic”, with all those rich women going on that ship , you know, they needed lots of room for all those gowns, and hats ! ( love hats) !!
These LV trunks , were made for the rich – from the start. Some opened up like a mini closet on one side- and the other a small chest of drawers.


Well, LV has come a long way baby from the steam ship trunks. This brand is one the of biggest Gods over here. Every day, I take the metro to school & work, and never had a LV free day yet ! His traditional colors of brown & gold , still are a fashion classic here. I find this very strange , because most french women do not wear brown or gold at all . Even the winter coats are black this bag , never ” matches ” ..yes, I know, what you are saying – that is old fashion to match .. maybe .. but I still like the look ..

lv bagsindex

It seems, that LV is now taking on a checkered style as a new signature under designer Marc Jacobs . It was everywhere on the runway, and every window .. and I think, every body style can wear this. … but really .. who wants to look like a checkers game .. at that price ?? Time will tell if Marc .. did not hit the mark .. ha

lv checkimages

Now, I will be sharing with you , LV’s spring windows .. because, I do not want to have a heart attack and go into the store and see the price tags of these blood pressure is finally back to normal ..



It looks very ” Retro ” ..again.. but still in the decade I do not like .the “1960’s ” .. I love the 1920’s .. but here , you can see the VERY short dresses ( don’t bend over ) , and the big high hair ( who needs that silly ozone layer ?). For spring, it looks like they are doing yellow & bright greens .. both are colors , I would never wear. I have seen very fair skin with these colors and it looks very nice – also, these look great on darker skin .

yellow checksimages


I was very happy to see the pointed toe shoe back in style here.. or as we say back home ‘ men haters ‘, or ‘roach killers ” .. This is a classic look, that most women can wear, the trick, if you have a larger foot, is a heel is needed with this toe shape .. other wise, your foot will look like an oil tanker .. big.. and full ..


LV also did hats this spring .. I like these !!

lv hatsimages

So this ends my little notes on Louis , and as I walk & talk , ( yes, I can do that now ..) I will share with you the “windows ” , to another world .. of which, I dare not even enter.. but will always try to copy ..



ps , i am attaching the link, for the Spring collection


5 replies to “The Fashion Gods of Paris- Louis Vuitton

  1. Not just the french my dear, ptrtey much most of the world is like that (with a few exceptions)I travel for a living and I have been all around, in my opinion feminism has done a horrible thing to US women, it made them lose touch in what it means to be a woman.Imagine men trying to be more equal to women in a parallel world so they start dressing and acting like women! bit by bit they forget how to be men and their life is out of balance and they are left wondering why.women now a days think its a shameful thing to be a woman it seems That is really bad, because it is the most wonderful thing! and besides if women want men to act like real men again (and most women say they do) they should act like real women so men can treat them the right way.Thank you for the wonderful article Ciao


    1. Bonjour,
      I am glad you liked the blog
      I try to do some research on the topic,
      before I write – thus why, I do not have a blog every week ,
      like some others .


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