Master Camo Bedroom



The Master bedroom – was a mess when I walked in. There was a carpet the renter put down – and it smelled so bad greeted you at the front door. I saw stains on it along with cigarette ashes. Also the renter stole the closet doors ..God knows why..

I never liked wall to wall carpets – due to being a dog owner – I prefer area rugs. Once they are smelly or stained – easy to toss them out, and replace them.

I did have Brain pull that carpet & trash it. Once this was gone- I knew I had to start on this room soon. There were over 25 holes in the walls. For white trash – they sure hung a lot of things on the wall. No telling what kind of “art “ graced my walls –I shutter to think of it.


After mudding all the holes – and sanding them down, I went onto the next step – which most should know is priming the wall. I also decided to do as rental agents do – and buy paint in a 5 gallon jug. Once you decide this – your choice is color cut down to 20 different kinds of white.


Looking at the sheet that is given to you, I thought I picked a medium white –called “Cotton White” . I was wrong about this color – but I am stuck with it. Its too white – and matches the ceiling white. But live & lean …and Lowes does not take this back as a return – so I have to use it.

I painted the room, taking away that blue, 2 coats of paint plus the primer –lots of hours on that. I also decided to paint the closet a darker color – why ? because there were so many hanger marks in the closet- and it made the walls look dirty – so I picked up a mis-tint gallon at Lowes for 6.00. I think it look nice, its a purple/brown color.

Then I decided to do peel & stick in the house- and picked a tile for .69 cents each – and purchased 33 boxes. I knew how to do this ..kinda.. I did the guest bedroom before, and started in the corner, and learned that was a mistake. You have to start in the middle of the room. This Master bedrm, is not square – so I measured both length & width – and kinda found the middle – buy using the door..


I tried to use Youtube for instructions – and found them useless !! Men love buying tools – I have no idea why. All I needed was a table spoon, to collect the glue , and a butter knife to spead the glue on the 4 corners of the tile. I was tricked into buying a trowel – for the glue – a thin grove one. Don’t bother – just use the butter knife.


In order not to go crazy laying the tile – I have found the other needed tool you will need is a movie to watch. It’s a slow process- and you have to find something to watch as you sit on the floor, cutting the tiles and putting 4 dabs of glue on the tile. The Youtube – did also state, you need to roll 100 pound roller on the tiles – to make sure they stick ..again , do not bother ..if the tile needs a 100 pounds to set the tile ..slide your ass on the floor as you cover the floor. Again, do not bother to buy a tool ..your ass is already there ..use it.

The tiles are done, and now Jim is putting in the stained baseboards. Staining is a day wait here I have tried to stay ahead of Jim- so the stain would be dry. In this case, I did not know- so he installed the baseboards, and I had to go behind him and stain them. Jim should finish the closet doors tomorr. The closet frame is not even- so its cause Jim to trim off each bottom closet door..


So I put on my Christmas Movie ‘Gone with the Wind’ , to visit my girl – Scarlett. Every time I watch that movie, I am learning something new. This year, I caught why Scarlett married the 2nd man.- she needed lumber to fix Tara !! lol As I work in this house ..I loved the similarity ! wall

We are both trying to fix our homes- just doing what we can, with what we have ..

I am sure, that Scarlett & I both felt under attack – which may explain why I picked this tile – which looked like camo! I never would pick such a thing – so I am stuck with this for the Maser bedroom – but returned the balance of the boxes – all 29 back to the store. When I spoke to the manager – i explained , that this tile should be called “Camo”, cause that is how it looks once its laid down. He agreed to take it back, only as an exchange – no refunds. This time, I had to buy up- to .99 cent a sq ft. I really hate spending money — i love being cheap , but its so hard to look classy on a cheap wallet ..


here is a close up of the tile — it looks like camo right ??
What would Scarlet do ???

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