Full Bathroom & Full of sh–t Contractors


Sitting here, in France, I now see, that trying to run a home in Charleston takes a new kind of method. First – treat all contractors with GREAT suspicion, they talk a lot, but when it comes to deadlines and time management – they are all the same !


The show up late – or do not show up at all – then “forget ” you were waiting for them, even though you left messages asking ‘ where is he?’  BUT somehow, they want full payment – when the work is not done — which means for me & most females ‘ Headaches & Arguments ‘.

Take my full bathroom as an example of this – my Ex. which for some unknown reason, though – cause he was an electrician – also gave him the mental ability to be a plumber — VERY wrong.
He installed the shower – but did not level the floor – so all the water would not flow into the drain – so I had to hire a man, to redo the shower stall floor ( money spent that could have been saved, if Mr. Know Everything- did it right)


Next was the toilet – which he installed on a 15 degree slant — so as you sat – you felt like you were on a roller coaster , going into a turn — not fun, when your pants are down ! So the toilet had to be broken off the seal, and i had to buy new seal ( cha ching goes the cash register) and Jim said, he would be back in 2 days to reinstall the toilet .


One week later – Jim shows up – to reset the toilet level – with the new seal — this should have  solved the drama right .. WRONG again; for some reason , now the bathroom, has a odor that was not there before , like sewage ?? I thought it was because , the I had to stuff a rag in the hole while I waited for Jim to show up .. and thought, this was just a lingering odor that would go away,  but when the  new roommate moved in, she smelled it too, so I now, have to hire a another man , to deal with this problem

Needless to say, this bathroom, needed the ceiling and walls needed work. Patch,sand & paint. I cleaned up the room as best as I could.



it seems , like I solve one problem, and end up with another –and maybe the real problem is expecting men to solve problems that they create ….maybe because most of them are full of …



2 replies to “Full Bathroom & Full of sh–t Contractors

  1. You do have the makings of a book.
    How are you doing? Are you having some spring weather?
    We’re ok here Tru is starting his spring fishin but the weather has been horrible.


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