Back Home in SC, March 2015

sc flag

Today, I want to share my experience about my trip back home, to SC. I was SO HAPPY, when I landed in Charleston airport, I was very tired – but happy. What I am learning, from living out of my comfort zone, there are several things I have taken for granted, and only when its taken away ..then you realize how much you rely on it .

Its hard to explain, to people, who have never lived away from their home, but its really the little things that you miss…. In my case – it’s the SUNSHINE !! It rains so much in Paris, that I feel, the grey weather creeping into my soul, and covers it with its grey blanket, its very depressing. The weather can be cold, BUT I must have sunshine. This and songbirds – sorry but Paris pigeons don’t sing! I enjoyed standing in the yard, listening to the songbirds, seeing the beautiful red cardinals making their nests, the Blue Jays, who are bossy but beautiful and the small tweeties, and their happy chirping.


The other things are even more simple; (don’t laugh) shopping at Walmart, K Mart, & Goodwill. In each of the retail stores, you can always count on some kind of sales, or clearance.. and Goodwill- has become a great place to shop for basic things, like thin shirts for layering. You can’t find deals like this in Paris, I picked up 2 pairs of PJs at KM for 4.00 each , the white pants & top at WMT for 8.00 total, and the black/white zebra skirt at GW for 4.00 !!




Upon studying French fashion- I am learning the key elements (or tricks) that French women live by. One rule; I like to call the ‘4-Bs & 1’ (black, blue, brown & beige) then you add one color that you like- but only as an accent.

paris women in boots

So when I shop, I now keep to this rule, and it keeps me in check. I stay away from greens, reds, orange, purples,& pinks, because as an accent, you really only need a scarf or shoes, to ‘pop’ your outfit.

As for shoes – another French rule, I follow as well .. is called
‘Boots & Ballets ‘ , this is the basic French foot wear, they only need 2 kinds of shoes in Paris. Boots are worn from Oct –Apr. Ballets are used for warmer weather, May- Sept. Keep in mind, you do a lot of walking in Paris, just like NYC – you walk everywhere, so watch that boot heel. Of course there is a sexy pump in the closet too – but this is used for going out – thus, you only need one pair, and most of the time – black fits all the outfits.

parisian w umbrella

I also want to talk about fast food – because I was so busy, tracking down my CPA, who went MIA on me. I was eating on the run a lot. I finally caught up with him, and he did my last return, and I replaced him with an H & R Block lady, who will do them in the future.

mcd ff

One of the things I noticed is the size portions … it took me a few dinners ( yep, I’m slow) to figure out what was the difference. Very simply .. in French McDonald’s, the normal adult French fries is still the white paper bag, not the red box. The red box is considered a ‘Go Large’ size, and no one want to order this, when size 6 women are standing near you..( and your fat backside). Also the soda – the French use the smaller white cup ( in american mighty happy meals) as the adult drink- AND NO FREE REFILLS !! so if you are still thirsty , you can get a cup of water, or pay for another soda .. another way to control the calories.

In this visit, I had to get the vinyl siding finished on my home, and for most of the job – I was happy with the results – except, it was down to the wire- and I had to stay at the house, and inspect the last work day, before I gave the final check payment. Normally this is not a big deal- except, the weather gave us a rainy Saturday, so it was not possible for the men to work – which threw off my schedule. So I had to cancel my plans for the day.

I am very happy with my farmhouse renter – and feel, there is a small trust going on with him. I am not looking to get rich, I am looking to get a good night’s sleep. However, I am having to find another renter for my lakehouse –as of 24 hours ago.. sleepless nights again.

So this visit was less stressful for me (except I thought the siding job would be 1500.00 and it costs me 3500.00). Beside the budget getting blown out – everything went ok.. found a new CPA , new contractor ..went with my neighbor to a good Southern Baptist church, and visited friends … in the lovely southern sunshine.

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