3rd arrondissement, Le Marais , Paris

3rd arrod

As we move around Paris the next stop is the 3rd arrondissement.

I am a little parcel to this area, as a tourist, I tried to stay either in the 3rd or the 4th, on my visits. This area, like the 2nd, is very small, this is another ‘farm size”, which is 286 acres. Its close enough to walk everywhere, but not as expensive as the 1st arrod.

 jewish baker

Common facts;

The nickname for this area is the Jewish or Marais( French for swamp—but they never saw the Everglades either-lol). Its an old part of Paris, that now has the strangest mixture of people gays & Jews. This kind of centralization, worked against the Jewish people, with the Nazi Occupation. One of the main roads is – Rue du Temple.

 3rdThe buildings are very old, and not ‘cookie cutter shaped’. This is one reason, why I like it here, the streets are narrow and crooked, which only allows one way streets, they were built when horse and carriage was the new method of transportation. (and if Frances gets into more debt, we may have to return back to this)

One of the best kept secrets, is they have the best metro station! It is so unique – that I  am putting it in this report ..

DSCF0557Most metro stations – are the same – white subway tiles – standard lettering etc . (boring)


 BUT when you take the 11 metro to the stop Arts & Metiers–   DSCF0562you get a wonderful surprise, you step in to a cooper colored world. Its soft glow fills the metro, and the lettering is in a 1920s font. DSCF0559

The ceiling and walls have rivets and as you walk down the platform, there are little faux windows, which has paris landmarks in them.   DSCF0560DSCF0561It’s a free – fun adventure for all ages. Also due to this metro, not being a ‘hot spot’ for tourists, most of the time, its calm with no loud teenagers, or drunks.

As I left the metro, I went to visit the Museum,DSCF0569 but I did not care to go inside. Why? Simple – I don’t care for science or inventions..           DSCF0567I am still waiting for the computer to make my life easier.. isn’t that what they told us in school would happen ?? Another teacher’s lie ! (along with “I will need algebra “)DSCF0570

I did think, it was cool they placed outside the building, DSCF0571pictures of all advances that have taken place .. like satellites  and digital pictures. And they also reminded me of a simple invention, which everyone takes for granted every day …

The ‘clicker pen’ , yep .. I love the clicker ..             DSCF0568I never buy the pens with the separate cap anymore, I keep losing the cap – and then can’t use the pen without risk of leaking .. yep – I give that inventor props – love the clicker –pen.

As I was walking away – I caught sight of this expo –        DSCF0572and though I share it with my fellow readers – they (Parisians ) love the ‘ Jackie & John ‘ .. which is kinda strange for me to understand .. but maybe, because she was French American, and was the First Lady, to wear French clothes ??

 Now these political females wear either pantsuits which make them look like a man – or cheap looking outfits – that show arms, that look like a man’s .. (can you guess who I am talking about ?) Either way, neither look elegant or chic.



The first church I tied to visit was closed they are restoring it – but I took some pics to share the beautiful architecture of St Nicolas des Champs.    DSCF0575The doors are framed with heavy mini statues of saints, that surround the door frames;

But I loved the flying buttresses – DSCF0576they are front and center, and were needed to give this church its impressive height.

 Feeling determined to continue my quest for a church review, I went to the DSCF0603next church on my list – staying within the 3rd. Saint Elizabeth turned into a wonderful surprise for me.DSCF0593

 Walking up to the front door, you view a huge banner, making a political statement, how Christians in the Orient DSCF0592( which includes Middle East – as defined years ago by Alexander the Great) are being killed. (those people are not allowed to leave, on these ‘boats’..which brings up a volatile point… ) but I digress..


This church – was finished in 1650..predating the USA. It’s a nice combinations of different white stones.        DSCF0598What is the real beauty of this church is its soft amber lighting, that flows down from the high stained glass windows. The wonderful stained glass windows, cast a soft, warm amber light everywhere. The amber warms up the atmosphere to surround you in the softest lighting. This light is peaceful, and graceful. This light is feels forgiving and loving at the same time, which is the spiritual message of the Church. DSCF0597

 The glowing windows showcase, beautiful portraits of the Saints, but the one with Christ, was of special interest to me. It showed him, torn between the 2 worlds. The spiritual one, with flowing soft white light, to represent the God. The bottom of the scene shows Christ dressed in dark clothes,       DSCF0600the background dark, to represent the world of hate and woe. How impossible this peaceful message was to share, back then. Even now, when a large religion is preaching the only way into a virgin filled Heaven is to kill. Very opposite messages, to ‘Thou Shall Not Kill’


The church has wonderful wood carving ‘chair rail’ depicting scenes – I think – of St Elizabeth. Also, near the top of the walls are engravings of workmen’s tools of the trade at the time.      DSCF0602This is something you will not see in many churches – to honor the tradesmen’s – who build and create from sand & fire, wonderful examples of the human potential. 

Departing – I now have a small ritual, I say a prayer for my Auntie ,and I light my candle for my Auntie.


Just across the street had a few of my favorite chain stores of Paris ..DSCF0613the first is called “Sunshine”. When I first saw this store, I thought it was for ‘teeny-boppers-no boobs’. What this is – is an odd chain store, because each one, caries different clothing – so the store on rue Rivoli will not have the same clothing as the one at Metro Temple. This store is worth the travel time !!


Inside they had new outer wear blazers – cashirme blend for 5.00 !! yesJ. DSCF0606 I tried on several – brown, pumpkin & spice colors – perfect for the coming fall chill. Also on the rack was dress blazer and thin rain coats. I was so overwhelmed with the price and selections that I had 6 in my bucket before I knew it ! 


Also there was a rack of skirts and pants for 3.00 .. and for 25.00 suits .. and for 49.00 outfits for weddings. This is a great store, and I plan on visiting more in the future .

 My adrenaline high finally calmed down, and I realized, that I had several blazers at home and didn’t need another one .. But I really can’t let a good price go – 100% ! So, I cut a deal with myself – one jacket – and I decided on one – it’s a ice/steel-blue rain jacket – that I know, I will use a lot, living in Paris.


Tati, is a store that has lots of ‘stuff’. This is where you can find inexpensive things to bring back to your home, that speaks of Paris .. DSCF0608

Like the TP dispenser …. Or the toilet seat … there was matching shower curtain too .. all at modest prices. DSCF0609

 This is a traditional French ‘ cup’ , ( we call it a bowl)      DSCF0611 made before handles were common. This was only .99 , and as you can see- small enough to pack in your carry on.. This store has some great gift ideas – this is a fun store to wander around in.DSCF0612

 Now that the day is ending, and I am tired, so off to the metro station (Temple) .Getting ready for the Fall to arrive – in the mornings now, the air has a chilly note to it.. Mother Nature is telling me, to start thinking about my fall clothes. Is she also telling me to go back, and buy those cashmere blazers for 5.00?

Yes .. I think, She is making it chilly weather. ….Now, should I buy 1, 2 or all ??



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