Nice, France Attack- I hate being Right Sometimes

nice attack

What can I say to comfort my readers? Nothing- France’s newest Attack by another Muslim in Nice, now takes 10 children to death. The news has been constant on the French TV .. his name (Mohammad), his legal status( French resident ONLY because he married a French woman- and now divorcing), his known violent history, & arrest.

Again, France reacts, instead of pro-acting. When you are an immigrant – you are REQUIRED to sign a contact, and it states IF YOU COMMIT ANY CRIME –FRANCE CAN DEPORT YOU. So my question is WHY does not France get off their asses, and start deporting (like Germany and Sweden) all migrants that commit crimes??

If they did – they may have been 10 happy children still living…until Frances deals with its huge Muslim population – we will continue to count the body bags ..body bag
Stay Safe

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