SNCF Train Strike Paris 2018

sncfHow do you tell a country they are not good in something, when that country is older than you?
This is the problem I find with France. Yes , they are wonderful in the “ F “ department: Fashions are wonderful and always interesting. They created the “Little Black Dress” as a staple, in every woman’s closet. Everyone knows the names ‘Chanel, Yves St. Laurent, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton.”
They take Food very seriously, to the point, of a 30-minuite lunch break is considered in-humane. They require all foods to be labeled if its GMO, and the country of origin, where your apple came from. They do not like “fast food”, and consider it low quality food, and will tell you in the face, you are eating horrible fake food.
The other “F”, we will leave it alone, for you can fill in your own ideas…

BUT this SNCF strike is beyond stupid, or practical. They wanted to create attention to the “working man” ,and they did, and it appears, he is doing better than most. HE has a CDI (contract for life), if laid off, he has 3 years of unemployment at 60-80% of pay. Medical with a 25 euro co-pay. And 5 weeks of vacation. And I ask “now what does he want? “and the answer is the same “ MORE”.
What really bothers me, is the upper management seems very ignorant of simple economic principles, or never took a business class in their lives. They make simple elementary errors, BUT with millions of loss revenues.
For example:
The trains here are set up in Zones. Paris is large and has 2 zones, then 3-5 are the suburbs. I moved to the suburbs, because I wanted a garden and fresh air to breath. ( yes I ask for a lot). Due to this, I paid 135.00 a month for my monthly pass, which includes, unlimited metro and bus rides for that month.
Now here comes the SNCF “brains”. 2 years ago, they decided to cut everyone’s price and now all 5 zones are 75.00 euros ..yes, your read it correct !
Do you know ANY business that is doing this kind of cost cutting? with a standard demand?
What a very stupid move to make.
And NOW they claim, they are broke !! yes of course your are!! And if you need to balance the SNCF books, I suggest, giving all the upper management the President Trump quote “YOU’RE FIRED”!!
It may not get them out of the red ink, but it’s a start in the right direction…


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