Welcome & Bonjour !

A lot of thinking went into this decision to create a blog. I do not feel, like I have a unique or amazing life. I am also very far from being vain, I avoid cameras, like a outlaw “on the lamb”. (ha )So what made me decide to make this plunge ? My cuz & my friends.

I have discovered something, that no tourist book ; or travel agent or website (until now) will tell you. There is a VERY strong similar thread , that runs in the French & Southern cultures.! Yes, I know, you did not see that coming did you ? !! Its true ! And thus the reason for this blog.

I would like to encourage everyone, to understand and embrace traditions, because in truth, that is what helps give us our identities. We are living products of our country’s history. Our culture, and practices all trickle down from “traditions”. And its in these traditions, that I am finding, we also, still have within our daily routines, practices from the “old country”. This was a real awakening for me. I was lucky to have a grandmother- who taught me, what respect means, and how to display it . Now learning how to be “french”, I am drawing on her teachings, many years later.

Southerns strongly believe in traditions, such as saying “yes, sir”, and “Good morning”. And the Parisians feel the same way .. when you walk into a place , you need to acknowledge the human being standing there – out of respect, you say ” Bonjour” .PERIOD. When you address an adult – you address them , as “Monsieur ” or “Madame” . NEVER are you to address an adult by their first name- unless you are told to do so, by that person. These simple traditions, if NOT followed , is seen as an act of disrespect by you, and do not expect any assistance from that person. Your ignorance, just cost you some time, advice, or friend.

So in closing, I will share with you, some of my errors, discoveries, & understandings as I move down this path on becoming “Parisian”. I have a rocky road .. I am 30 pounds overweight- in a country where size 6 is the average. I am short, have bad skin, & frizzy hair. I do not know fashion trends , or what the next runway look will be. I can’t really cook either.. I know the basics, but nothing like French cuisine. And, I do not speak french..just started to take classes … do you see all the rocks ? .. ha

Welcome to my world !! (lol)

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