Monday, August 20, 2012

Finally ! Some summer weather !! I am soo happy with the sun and heat . I think, I am the only one ! ha ! I see everyone, sweating, and they look at me, cause I am not dripping with sweat like them . At most – my nose is shiny .. that’s it . Poor Nic, has the fan -pointed at him all the time – and he still sweats . I even ironed for 2 hours today- for our Normandie outfits.

So If you hear of any news reports talking about the heat wave here – Southerns – no worries for us! Its only 80 degrees, with a humidity of 50.. They have fans here, which make it very nice. Its true, most do not have AC, because their “dog days” are only a few weeks a year, not like our few months.

Grap your shorts, sunblock, and a bottle of water – no worries here !

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