L’Oreal Day

Oct 14,2011

Well, I found that this city is very expensive to get a hair trim, easy 35.00 ! I am use to paying 10.00 , and since my hair grows very fast, I need a cheaper place. So I found that Paris has training schools, like most cities, and you can get a haircut there for 10-15.00 Euro. Cool. So I looked up the list, and thus I found L Oreal, which is a BIG name, I thought cool.! So I read , you must show up; and they ‘review your hair’..ok..so up to Rue Royal I go. I walked in, a very modest building, and said in my bad french , that I wanted a cut. She had me wait,20 min later, I was told to go up stairs..now, keep in mind, the receptionist knew i did not speak well. As I go up, another circle staircase, I found the door – marked ‘models’..i thought this can’ t be right..i am not even close to a model..so I walk in, and the woman; dressed in black..asked me to sit in french, i did not understand her, and told her so, then her asst. told me, that I had to speak french in order to be accepted as a client…I was surprised, but was polite, merci them, then au voir them..Back down to the reception lady, I asked her if they called her..she said no..I then told her, I must speak french to get a cut..she was surprised..cause remember, she sent me up ! I said very nice…for future Americans…smiled, then au voir her too..So a little sad, I started to walk..down Rue Rovoli, and saw on my left the sign for Jean Louis David..which is a haircut salon chain here..and I said.to myself, .let me peak in..so, I saw, they had a line of 10 women;so i got in the back of the line, and saw the brochure of the prices ..this was a school !!! and the cuts were 8-10.00 !! yes !! So as i advanced to the desk, i thought i get the rejection over with, and asked if french was required to get a haircut ? Lucky for me, the lady wanted to practice her english ..she said NO..and I was reviewed for a hair style on the spot ..my appt is next wed !! Nic is a little nervous, because they give you a style they think is best..I said, first this is Paris, known for style, so i do not think i will get a mohawk..and if the style is very bad..hair grows back..so i will not worry ..lol.

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