Medieval Provin / Paris Subvillage


Once upon a time, in a vast and green country side (France), there stood a strong village called “Provin”. In this busy village , there was a King & Queen – who ruled the village. Lucky for everyone the King did not require all the newest contraptions to be installed , he was kinda cheap, so the village stayed at it was. Provin, started in the Roman times, but I can not firm this . The village has a population of 12,000 dangerous people, (half of which keep their teeth in glasses). Every year, there is a festival in June, that goes for a weekend – and I just HAD to see it .


It’s a festival called Medieval, that calls out to everyone around to visit, in their common clothes.( clue of what is to follow)
It was a sunny day , with a light blue sky, big fat clouds, and no wind, when I planned my escape from my prison ( called home improvements).I have never been to Provin before , so I dressed in my common clothing from Master Walmart-( t-shirt, sneakers & capri pants)


My first impression, was the ‘parade’ of people walking all, the same way – Why ? , there is very little parking for those new contractions called cars – so most have to park around ¼ mile away.I joined in the ranks of the walkers, to blend in, but stood out due to my odd looking clothing.


Its ok, because the walk, gave me the ability to see, how beautiful this Provin is.


There is a river that criss crosses inside, and many homes have a private bridge that crosses it (just in case a salesman comes – they draw the bridge up !).



All the homes , were in great condition- considering they were so “ old” (easy 300 years). And the village is CLEAN, no dead chickens hanging up (or wrappers on the ground) . .


As you follow the crowd- you start to notice something very strange first you think your eyes are fooling you- your mind starts to question, are you crazy ?( no comments please)



As you move closer, you see – everyone is here – from Kings to Knights.




Wizards to Wenches.





There were many “ warriors” that came this day – these were my favorites . Some men looked liked “Conan the Barbarian” (or Gov.of Calf.),



and there were many women warriors too. Some women had working bows & arrows, hooked on their arms – ready for battle . As the times required – even children had to be warriors , for one to survive – (no required schools existed).

One of my favorites was this lady – who looked very powerful – and
scary !! Her painted face, brings back the fact, that face painting is a way to scare your enemy too, a way to intimidate them worked on me ! There was no way, I would start any “ sh- t “ with this women ..

As for “ladies” – they were wearing grand clothes made of velvet and lace – usually with a crown on their heads. Some of them were from “ royal families”( soon to lose their heads ha) – walking with their children , dressed as little princesses & princes. The colors of their clothes were either purple or dark red, with heavy looking gold & jewels. Lucky for me, I was not required to curtsy, I am a little out of practice..


The wonderful aspect of this “Fete”, is EVERYONE gets into the festival mood. Most were more than happy to pose for me, for this new invention called the ‘camera’ !! The people stood still and smiled, and no spells were put on me ..i think


The food was normal – you had pigs- stuck on a stick goes in the mouth and out of the as.. turning over a fire.


They served plenty of wine & beer of course – (no sweet tea or coke). One cound not help notice – there seemed to be lots of Bravehearts around this area …



I was able to purchase a sandwich, of cheese & ham plain –( I mean no mayo. I found a spot under a old tree, to give me shade from the high sun. As I ate, I watched in wonder, the people who passed. Most spoke French (bien sur, of course). It was the strangers that looked out of place. The Asians with their designer clothes ( Chanel who? ) did not fit in, and they walked around in wedge shoes, Not prepared for cobblestones at all. The Russians arrived with shinny clothes ( called bling in the future) – not understanding the shinny clothes today was supposed to be armor.


Upon the wind, there was always some music playing – (no NOT the Beathles) . We are talking about refined “ Court music “ , or war like drum beating, with flutes. One group that I found wonderful is called “ PRIMA NOCTA “ what a wonderful sound – and fierce looking with their shaven heads and war skins ( yes , let your imagination roam here) ,The group had 5 men, like they just stepped off the battlefields. They stole the music show from the other performers. I was so impressed, I purchased their CD –from the side “ wench’ that was selling them for 15.00 I was ok with this purchase- to support this unique music group.(plus , I was spending the Master Nic’s money ) I am provinding a link for you –

(I tried to record thier music for this- but now I know, my camera sucks at making movies with sound)

As for the acts beside music, there were flame people – who spit flames – or juggles things with flames – or dancers with flames. (Not for the lighthearted life insurance person) Jugglers were common , along with stilts walkers – on cobble stones !! ( are they crazy ?)
The vendors were selling herbs, art, flowers, jewelry, costumes & and armor !
( yes, you ready correctly!)

One vendor, who impressed me (and spoke English) was making leather masks !( no..not those kinky mind) These were of legends of the Wood people , fairies ( no..not that kind) and War gods.



his website is –

Alas, I heard the church bell ring –

it was 3 pm, I spent 5 hours here, and did not notice it at all. It was time for me to return, back to my home, for as the night fell, I am sure the drinking would increase ( with all this doubt) .

So the only question, I pondered as I walked back to my metal horse, (also known as a car) what I wanted to do for next year? To dress up, is the answer, but as whom? Am I a lady of the Court – who plots against her greedy King ? Am I a wayward love child of the King,( very common in France) and spoiled rotten ? How about a woman going to the Holy land with the Crusaders to fight those dam-. Ottomans? Or a witch , that casts spells on my enemies ? (called BOA) Or a woman fighter ? – just to survive day to day. For attending in these clothes, from Mater Walmart-China, did not help me blend in, at all .. and looking as an outsider- is not something I want.


Plus, if you come to the gate the entry price is half the cost (but you must cover your head- as per the Kings law). I wonder how many gold coins they collect with all those thousands of people ..maybe I can dress up as Robin Hood … wait… he is in the future 400 years ..
Hugs to all my dragons !

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