French Cowboy Video


Bonjour my friends ,
I want to share with you, a state of confusion that is ..somehow , being taught to all Americans , myself included. Someone – somewhere, started a rumor , that the French do not like Americans ( maybe it was a jealious english person -ha). I have found this VERY FALSE. – They love the American west style , & music .

When other students hear me speak, they know ( by my accent), I am American, and tell me they wanted to learn how to speak American instead of England’s english. “Why ?”, was my first response.

The french young girl replied ‘ all the good movies & music is in American, and I hope one day to visit NYC. Plus America is exciting and England is not. “. This sentiment has been repeated to me many times, by the under 30 French crowd.

So as further proof, that the French love the American West style (as I said in an earlier blog) . I am attaching the huge Paris hit , that has been number one song on the radio playlist for over a month now …

enjoy …cowboy up !!

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