My room


Well, where to start ? Let me start with my ‘bedroom ‘
My room, was left unfinished – when I left – the renter , when seeing the condition of my 108sq ft room – offered to finish the room – for a discount on the rent. I thought, that was logical, so I went along with this idea. The problem – as you will see, in blog after blog – there was no way to enforce the agreement – except eviction. So the renter took a discount of half rent – and when I asked the real estate manager , we will call her -(Silly) for pics – they never came. If she did her work – I would have seen , the renters broke the light fixture on the fan

BUT it was VERY important for Silly to grow more cellulite on her ass – and she could not leave her chair. The renter never did any of the work, so in effect he got away with ripping me off – thanks to Silly. Thus why the room, was how I left it – unfinished.

So I walked into the room, and it made me sick – and it cost me 400.00 from the discount ..
The walls were not even mudded or sanded !!
But the renters used the room – because there were holes in the room – where they hung their tacky white trash art. I do not even think they had the velvet Elvis pictures – that would have been a step up for them.


So, I felt this room is the one that needs to be finished first. I have to get my small bed and clothes inside it. I also decided that I am putting a lock on my door. If I come back, and the door is kicked in – I will have proof of the break in – and call the police.

So sanding and mudding this room took at least 2 weeks – the walls were not put on straight, (thank you handyman Arthur) and the closet is so narrow- you must step in side ways ( unless you are runway model – size 0).

I allowed myself to have the only ‘custom paint color ‘ in the house, so I picked out ‘Craft white’ , which should be called – soft white – cause its really an ivory …but this color is part of Lowes Bunglalow series like most people – I do not reinvent the wheel – so I picked my color from this historical researched group. ( yep I am trusting them)


So after one month of building up the walls – to try and even them out . Build them up – sand them down even – again, & again & again ..
Here is a couple of pics to show all the drywall that was sanded – and this was on 2 walls.

They are still not perfect – but I had to draw the line after one month of working on this room.

I needed to get progress going – and get this project finished. So when possible renters visit – they will see, me all tucked into my little room.

I had to buy flooring for my room – and had a choice of either peal & stick tiles – or wood. I thought about ceramic tiles- and I can’t lay that without a wet saw – I do not have one- and I really hate grout – its always a problem cleaning it. So I went with the wood laminate.

I hired my 3rd handyman – Jim, which is working out well. I fired number 2 – Brian when I found out – he was over charging me for the work he was doing. With this flooring – you need a saw – and I do not have one. I did buy tools – so I could work in the home – and was very happy to see a matching set – in a nice blue

So in my room – it has a closet that is 18 inch wide – but 92 inches high ..there is no door made to fit this closet. I went ahead and painted it a tint from the mismatch paints from Lowes – a medium chocolate brown- for 6.00 a gallon.

I am going to post a few pics – to share with you the progress of this room – but in real time – it should be finished next week. I had to special order the closet door with Home Depot.

Here is a progress pic – the wall are primed & painted. The closet has been mudded and sanded MANY times – and finally – I drew the line – & painted it brown to get ready for the door.


How many hours I spent working on this room ? – I gave up counting after 50 hours.

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