Update on my room


Here is an update, making progress slowly.
As I stated – I fired the other worker Brian, who thought for some unknown reason it would be acceptable to me for him to do work – then he bills me after. Of course, I would never agree to such a business deal. I am a paper hound when it comes to this kind of work on the house. He had a small hissy-fit & challenged me and told me to ask around and confirm he was giving me a good deal. His mouth got ahead of head- when I spoke to 2 men who are handy- both told me he was over charging me. The funny part is Brian texted me about starting work on my bedroom and the “bill” that he created but I never signed. When I told him- if this was still an issue, then I would find a new man. Brian never got back to me – and I ended up in a better place with Handyman Jim.

The flooring is down – which is getting this room finished is important. I need to move into it, so the renters can see – how much house they are getting for their money. Getting this floor down is something I can’t do because it requires a saw, and knowing how to measure.. This is not possible for me – you saw my idea of tools – a 20.00 kit- of blue tools.

I picked out at Home Depot a cherry color- and it was the cheapest one I could find there. Due to the house being on a slab of cement – I also had to buy a moisture barrier foam to cover the cement up. And this cover was not cheap – it was 60.00 for 100.00 feet. Lucky for me- my bedroom is only 108 feet ..so I got one roll, and it worked out find – because the closet created cut ins , with the wall. DSCF0189

This took half a day – to fit each piece, in together. This “easy installation “ only works if your sub floors are perfect. This is not the case in a home that is almost 100 years old. So there was a lot of sawing and dust going on.

The Pre hung door was the same story – the house settles , and thus goes the “easy” part. Jim also had to customize the moldings and door , for it to fit.

Jim also installed the baseboards, but i still have to stain parts of it. It takes stain 2 days to dry here, and I wanted it to dry before i did the edge. I learned that I did it backwards- you are supposed to do the edge first, and pull the stain on to the sides.

almost done with this room..

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