So now let’s set the stage for the next drama that will unfold.
the players;

1) The passive (or lazy) French police, I am not sure which character trait is worse..


2) The passive government of the very unpopular President Holland-who has set a record low of 15% approval in France. (his ratings fell, when he supported gay marriage)


3)Thieving children running the streets looking for victims, with no fear of jail & the fat lazy parents waiting for the unschooled children to bring home the ‘ stolen bacon’ ..


4) And the unknowing tourists, or resident, because the French news blackout about this information..


So here I am – stepping ‘in it ‘again – right into the unknowing fire.. One day – working on Sunday – in Montmartre.

Limping from one job to another, I found, I needed a coffee to give me some caffeine pep .. my foot was still untreated by the doctor – so I had an obvious limp. I saw an ATM right outside the Metro station – LAMARCK, and thought to get 10.00, to buy myself a strong coffee


As I typed in my code to take out my little money – 2 punk boys attacked me from behind. It was around 3PM, and the street had activity in the cafes .I had no idea – that I was walking into a trap. These punks hid behind a stairwell, awaiting their next victim.


In seconds, I pushed the red button on the ATM to cancel the transaction – then tried to defend myself, – wearing a heavy backpack & holding a pocketbook & a sac – and fighting off 2 punk ball-less SOBs, I lost, before I even started.


I attempted to punch and kick one of the punks in the groin, some men in the café, saw what was happening, and they went to capture the other punk. Being French men—they did not punch or damage the punk they had, but let him escape
As for me – I was trying to send one punk back to Hell – express delivery, but failed because the punk ran fast away from me.
I had no idea, this could happen in Paris, in daylight, in a ‘Nice part of town ‘,, but it did happen ..

(Here is a picture of an attack on someone else)

The next day – I went to file a police report, with Nic being my unfortunate translator.


When we entered, I looked around the office, of the police woman – who had a desk full of paperwork. She appeared in very neat & pressed police uniform with her hair pulled back in a tight bun. The personal appearance and the paperwork piles did not match up in my mind.
She took to her task, like a mindless clone—name, address ..then she asked for me to give details ..and recounting the attack made me very angry for some reason.. All I saw, in that police station – were people doing NOTHING, but pushing papers & drinking cafes .. so I went full “ on”
I asked in the best French I could- why are they not going after these criminal Romanians – which cause so many problems .. instead of resting in a safe office??

index argue

This police lady (we will call her Lazine for Lazy..) , started to complain to me! American, about how much paperwork she had to do – then waved her hand – to display the piles – she had yet to move around, ( and receive her official paper cut..i thought to myself ) . I told Lazine – that she had NO idea what the word ‘ work ‘ means, and if she really wanted to learn about police work – she needs to visit the NYC – where they try to catch criminals .
Lazine, took offense to my comments – and though, yelling at me in French, would back me down a little …NOPE
I said (to myself very loud) , the reason why the police do nothing about the Romanians, is because they are scared of them. They have never dealt with a criminal element, that could not be controlled with the every ‘flapping French mouth’ did not work on the Nazis..but the French still try to practice this useless method of control.

And in this exchange – I learned something very funny to my advantage. Lazine understood English – but is not allowed to speak any other language but French. So in that office – I was allowed to voice my opinions about the French police practices – and any response she made in French, I was allowed to ignore. (and play dumb and pretend I did not understand). So it went on like this for 20 minutes- and this caused great stress to Nic- watching this exchange of words pass..between 2 angry women.
The end did not come soon enough for both women – for in this exchange, both learned a great deal about each other. I learned, that the French have NO IDEA what real work is in the police field – and have no incentive to catch criminals.
Lazine learned, that Americans expect RESULTS from the police – who collect a paycheck …to work .. We do not accept excuses of too much work – for us, it translates into ineffective time management. And most important to Lazine’s lesson – she learned, that Americans are ‘fighters’ for our selves and our rights …and this Southern Belle – was not scared of her..or the punks..

I left with my police report in hand – and did not turn around to thank her ..knowing;”she can’t fool me into thinking – she would every get off her chair anytime soon ….”

They may carry guns – but have no idea how to use them…



  1. Don’t be so ignorant. Yes a crime was committed, and you were a victim. Many more crimes are commited every minute of each day, so get in line. As far as you assuming that Romanians were to blame, that is a further indication that you put yourself higher in the food chain among other human beings. That said, maybe a easier word for you to comprehend is “racism’ or stereotyping of a culture. Everything you write about is nothing short of complaining of something or someone else. Get over it!


    1. To Fired Up,
      Your message, does not state where you live .. are you in Paris ?? I am talking about a REAL problem here, and all you can do , is use , weak emotional words ..( racism ), stereotyping .. what ever

      Or are you another ‘ Arm Chair Expert ‘ ??? real knowledge is unknown to you …

      if you are in Paris – i would like to challenge you , on this topic


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