Trying up Loose Ends, Crime in Paris

knot-628x250 I wanted to close out this topic, with some proof, of the crime rate in Paris. How the criminals break down by race and age. crazy-woman-disorganized-office In searching for the current crime rate – unable to find any official data – except this article from FRANCE 24, which is like CNN, over here. – Crime is on the rise,  as I wrote last time, I still think this figure is higher, due to half of the attacks, are not being reported.

Frustrated in not finding my data, and trying to console myself – out loud, talking to myself – looking like a crazy person to passerby’s.


Walking in the 18th arr. to my next assignment in Montmartre.As I turned the corner, I came to a complete halt …THERE HE IS !! I saw the punk thief who mugged me, lined up against the wall, with 3 other Romanians females, being questioned by 4 police officers.


The police was making them empty all contents, and their pockets – because within – there was found – stolen items – from their famous ‘sign my petition please’ scam.

I walked up to the situation ( being the shy girl that I am ) and started to tell the police officer, in a very loud voice ‘ that is the basta..d who robbed me !! , lock up that puck now! that (beep..beep) punk’.


Two police officers, escorted me to the side, and spoke to me in English ( I guess my horrible French gave away my American background) They listened to me recount the robbery, and asked if I made a report. ‘Yes, I did !! ‘ ( there is a female officer who would remember me – ha)


They then told me the legal loophole that these Romanians are using in France to evade arrest . There is an old French law, that states –‘ no juvenile child can be arrested – for a crime. ‘ So when they catch these ‘children’, robbing someone else, they searched them for ID, for proof of age.


Of course, they do not carry any ID, and tell the police they are 16 years old. At this point, the police can only take any stolen property away from them, and allow them to leave.


Then this exchanged turned into an interview with the French policemen. (names protected)I asked them, is it not a law that all people carry ID? And what would they like as a solution? And do they know, in America, we track juvenile criminals?


They told me that all ‘ French citizens” are required to carry ID, but they can’t force EU citizens to carry ID. The officers informed me, that since France joined the EU, years ago, they have seen a steady increase of, ”Imported Criminals’, and they are tired of it. And would appreciate it, if I can do something to correct this situation. (like getting France to retract its membership) Who do they think I am ?

One officer also told me, he vacationed in a large USA city, and loved the way, America deals with professional juvenile criminals.- how we keep a record of them, and track them. It seems that our USA learned years ago (the French are on the learning curve), that if a child is successful as a criminal , with this positive reinforcement , he/she will continue in this profession .


France is still 25 years behind us on this issue, they treat these ‘kids’, like they made an honest ONE TIME mistake. As if, they are stealing candy. Its like the French, have their heads (up their..) in the sand.
indexhead in

What the French really want, is for them to move away- so they do not have to deal with the problem. ( I never heard of a leach volunteering of detaching from its host. )

As we were talking, the other 2 officers released the Romanians, and I watched them walk away – free again to comment another crime, to rob someone else.

I turned to my 2 officers and asked, what should I do , the next time I am attacked ? The 2 english speaking officers smiled at me, and said, “I can defend myself”. So I then asked, ‘can I break his legs so he can’t run away ? One policeman smiled and said ‘we don’t care what you do to them, but we wish you luck’

Game on !

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