Paris and the Arrondissements

Its December 3, 2014, and the Paris grey skies are not sharing their secrets – if they plan on giving the people below, rain, or snow. The cold air, has a sharpness, that feels like a tiny knife, when you inhale; it hurts a little – enough of a sting to remind you that you were standing in a European Northern City. I consider Paris, in this group, due to its latitude to Quebec.
When you come to Paris, you will view, numbers on the street signs – that give you a code –

index-st sign

of the Arrondissement (the neighborhood) of where you are. I have tried to research the reasons, of why this was created. Unlike NYC – where things are not set into code – (the Village, Hells Kitchen ). Paris areas are set into law. I found, this system, was created in 1795, but I have not found a reason why.

images-paris arrod

One rumor, was these areas, were created, to stop any lower government revolution taking power…but this, I do not find logical. Each Arrondissement has its own mayor, and Hotel de Ville …in my opinion – this is a waste of bureaucracy money. Maybe, back when telephones were not common, the local Mayor, had to keep peace in the assigned areas – but now .. I see no need to keep this layer of government. This is just a simple example, of how the French are not flexible with the current times, and their inefficiency is a matter of fact.
Now, that my work has slowed down, I will try to write more. (especially, now that its damp & cold outside). I plan on reviewing each area – but will cover, things, that may interest you, but not covered in the mainstream tourist guides. Especially since most tour guides are written by boring men. ( lol) I will try to profile each area, using my own ‘likes’ as a guide – because, what I like – everyone else must like too !! of course , (bein sur) lol

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