Today was a day of mixed emotions for me. I was working 10 blocks from the first attack, at the Charlie Office. And standing watching the news steam – about a killing because of cartoons, left me in shock.
The world watched another attack on the TV a few days ago. I would NEVER compare this to our 9/11 date, our loss was in the thousands.


But to the French, this is a wake up call…
For some reason- I think, the French felt ‘above ‘this kind of problem. Every time, I meet a French person, they always commented about how violent the USA culture is. And maybe, in the back of their mind, our attack went with our life styles.


This attack, caught the French person, with his designer pants down. The attack has shown the French people, they are also a target, with their ‘freedom of expression’, which goes against the Jihad.


It’s very odd to me that Charlie Newspaper, received many threats, but they did not take them seriously. (This cartoon shows Muhammad crying, because of all the stupid Jihad followers.) Even the policemen, on the bikes – were not ready for a shoot-out ( like at OK corral ) They made the same mistake the Americans made many years ago…arrogance.


The March today, had over 2 million people protesting and holding signs ‘ We Are Charlie’ (Je suis Charlie) I was very happy to see so many ages at the protest. Grandparents with their grandchildren – all together – walking.


Watching this with American eyes, I am kinda proud that the french, are not just sitting on their ass, and complaining (a national sport)- but are trying to , stop the fear from spreading.


If this message is heard down, in the holes where Jihad live –


where they make plans for more calculated killings ( jewish grocery store & newspaper office ) are being done – then maybe, they will find out , each country they attack will respond –and in effect, everyone is waking up to this problem.

How will the countries respond? Some with a cowboy boot , up their ass
and some, with a loud cry of ‘ Je suis Charlie” , because , it can happen to anyone – going to work – to pay some bills , talking to co workers …then the devil walks in
I do not think this protest, this will stop the devils -from their killing plans….
but maybe, it will create some ‘ tough guardian angels ‘


Stay strong !!

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