Jaclyn Smith’s Pants


Today, wanted to change our topic a little – back to living here, In this city called Paris-


One of the first things, I noticed here, looking at the women, is how much thinner they are, compared to the USA. This is a general fact, known to most people – but what is not common knowledge, it the lack of ‘working out ‘, these Parisian women do!!


There are very few gyms, to work out , and I found one called Magic Form – and what shocked me, are the hours, there is no 24/7 gym to be found, so you have to know, when its open, and schedule your day – around their schedule. This kinda, did not sit well with me- I use to belong to a gym, back home, where they gave you a key-badge, to open the gym door. I liked working out, Saturday nights, when everyone was out drinking and having fun – I was alone, with my cellulite in the gym.( just the 2 of us, because there was no room for others).


So I did not join the gym, nor the ‘Piscine’ (pool), because of the same issue – hours open, so I gave up. Plus, they also use this pool, as a gym – for the school kids; and this was part of the time restraint. The French really do practice (move your body) and start this at a young age . I was walking my dogs pass a grade school, and saw the children play outside – jumping rope , hopscotch, and soccer. I think, the USA stopped this – because of lawsuits ..kids fall, and hurt their knees.. in America, that means lawsuit, but in France, you can’t sue the school for a normal accident.

So working and trying to work in this house, with my stupid foot, still in some pain- I really did not pay too much attention to my other body parts. So I was pretty surprised, to find, that when I grabbed my black dress pants, which were very tight 2 years ago, now fit in the hips , and just pinch the waist … so somehow, I went from a size 10 to a size 8 !!


For all the people who say, to get rid of your old clothes, if you do not fit them – I disagree – because, it was a nice pat (on the rear) these pants fit again.


So I really think, the key to the French weight management, is WALKING – because, back in Charleston, I did not have to walk 8,000- 10,000 steps a day. In Paris, you have to walk, because car driving is just not enjoyable, nor practical. So you walk to the metro, to work, to lunch, to food shopping, to meet friends at the café , you walk the dog … you walk a lot here .. and that my friends is one of the secrets how the French stay thinner ..

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