Merkel’s Migrant Mess & USA Don’t Save the Day !!!!!!!!!!!




I have been working on this issue, trying to find hard core statistics, and to my amazement, they are VERY hard to find. This is NOT by accident- but, I believe on purpose, because the numbers, would scare many people. 

I see the EU, as a poor copy of the United States. What they tried to do, was copy our plan, of no boarders within the “states of the EU”. They made some MAJOR mistakes- the first is the financial responsibility, where one country is required to give money to the “broke state”. This does NOT exist in our country – can you imagine , the state of California going broke,  jr   and asking Texas to pay its bills?(are you laughing like me).


The other major error is one country’s decision, becomes a requirement for others to follow. There is no “congress vote” where all members can vote on the idea ..  merkel   thus why Merkel is now the most hated women in the Europe-   she created a problem, that is effecting millions of tax paying Europeans.

My first question was WHY? Allow all these migrants into Europe? Why did Merkel do this?? I have a theory – very simply – they wanted cheap labor.  This is shocking to me, but viewing the past history of America, where business decisions are concealed under a false humanitarian, emotional covers. This was a very costly lesson in American history. I guess she did not read any of our history.

So now, Europe is slowly waking up from this self-inflected nightmare – the facts are coming to light slowly; from varies sources, BBC, The Atlantic, Sky News,  from independent new sources on You Tube.

 rapefugees The RAPES in Germany, have changed the open door policy – now everyone is closing them ..(rightly so !)

Some Scary Stats;

1 in 4 illegal migrants are from Syria – the rest are faking documents or are economic migrants ( David Cameron had stated this many times) – looking for a free and easy life.  

islam migrants

1 in 5 men have a high school education, in their own language, the rest never had any formal education. The do not even know the alphabet, so it will be impossible for them to read a job opening, and apply for a job, etc …

1 in 10 women have an elementary education, because education for women is not normal in these countries. So it will be impossible for them to be employable.

norwayMany of the people who do not have the proper paperwork, just move from one country to another , hoping to “become legal” , in some lax government loophole –

this BBC report talks, of  the number of people who are doing the paperwork.


ISIS members took advantage of this very stupid “open door policy”  and many men arrived in the EU – and now new cells are being discovered.


The tide has turned against Merkel and France, Sweden, Norway & England has closed their doors. Now background checks are being done, authenticity of documents are being conducted.. the boarders now are being watched.

France has started to destroy the “Calais Jungle”,     calaiswhere migrants squatted for months, hoping to get to England or Sweden. Now that these doors are closed these migrants have taken to crime in Calais- the crime rates have skyrocketed – and now the citizens are demanding these migrants leave.               calais protestThe local government agreed, and now destroying this illegal camp ground, of no laws- applied.(one BBC woman reporter- said, 3 men in the camp – attempted rape on her)

 germany protest with cross

Germany stated, that anyone involved with any crime, will be deported automatic. Other Nations have followed this policy, and I saw a report that Sweden is exporting 60,000 migrants- due to false documents, and criminal behavior.


Is it too late ?? maybe, it will take years to undo this damage, and deport these people. The politics are changing, in response to this “invasion”, more and more news reports are coming to the public.

 colonge stats

 Merkel’s horrible actions to silence the media about the RAPES, have back fired 10 fold on her, and now, more and more independent news reports from Twitter, and You Tube are becoming the trusted source. The rise of conservatives is becoming common, and gaining political offices.

In closing – all I want to say – if the EU finds itself in a war with ISIS, or Muslims or another source.. don’t send ONE American here to fight!! cartoon army man


 I have NO sympathy for the EU – and what one stupid women did, was one issue, but for everyone to follow that plan ?? pure stupidity .. (Sounds familiar?) angela merkel


It’s amazing to me – that no one seems to learn from history –“cheap labor is never cheap” , it costs triple in 3 – 5 years


  eu border cks           And you NEVER let anyone in your house, unless you know them (common sense)

And never follow a bad leader, because they will lead you to destruction…bad leaders

stay safe




2 replies to “Merkel’s Migrant Mess & USA Don’t Save the Day !!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Dear blogger,

    You may want:
    – to spell check,
    – fact check,
    – and try to not start your article with an offensive (and definitely irrelevant “I see the EU, as a poor copy of the United States”).

    You should also take into consideration:
    – US is one of the most indebted country in the world,
    – has one of the highest rate of people under poverty threshold,
    – however indebted the government is, it keeps bailing out the banks (which make out for the “broke state”).


    1. Tom,
      as for “offensive words ” .. i don’t care about ‘thin skinned people’ , they are weak, and do not really contribute a lot to the world. As for the USA – the reason WHY they are in debt , is because they keep footing the bill for other countries! I want to stop this – for its no benefit to the USA, and as for people in Poverty – HA look at France!!! with its HUGE debt because, it keeps the fat – medical community alive – instead of making it become more streamlined .. give me a f ‘ing break !! France is the 3rd highest debtor in the EU, with no industry to pay its debts !! i do a lot of fact checking – but not on your favorites ” wimps are us” .
      Also – FYI, if you are going to criticize my facts – and question my sources – then you need to post your counter sources .. basic Debate rules 101 🙂


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