Reflections Of My Stove


Its been a week since I set fire to my stove top . Some friends have hinted, that I have taken on too much, I think they are correct. But its too late now to undo what has been done, at best, I can slow down the future speed.
The melted plastic bag is still attached to the smooth glass top stove. I do not think, I left the burner on and left for work. I think, the dogs smelled the bread left on the stove, and in an effort to get it – turned on the stove, when the paw hit the knob.


So here is a new lesson for all – in France , your knobs are by your hips , in the front of the stove. I recall my American stove, and the knobs were on the back of the stove over the burners near the wall. Looking at this design, I think the Americans have a better one. We do not have any small children in the home- but you can see, a small child reaching up, and turning it on. It’s a very dangerous design ..
Anyway – the smell is still in the house, and since the weather has been horrible , with wind & rain, I have been unable to air out the house. So now, I smell smoke in everything I wear.
As for my weight this move has put me off my routine, and I am kinda lost. When you move it takes one month ( its 6 weeks now) to get everything, in a minimal working order..that is , food shopping, cleaning the home , and how to get to work with the new metro trains.
For example – my days are now split – where on Mon, Tues & Thur, I leave the home at 11.30AM for my noon train into Paris. I work until 6PM, then take another metro to class , on the other side of Paris, and my class ends at 8.30 PM, then take the metro to Gare l’Est, and must wait an hour for my train home. It departs at 9.45PM and I arrive home around 11PM, then cook some soup for my midnight dinner ..stay up and watch old “Murder She Wrote” shows, then try to sleep by 1AM . This schedule is fixed until the end of June, when this school session will end. I hope to find a school closer, so I can get home sooner..but until then ..
I am burning the candle at both ends ..or burning down the house ..

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