French Fact – Late Dinners

I have been working so much on this home, working at the law office, & my French class, that I stopped walking the dogs.
With so much rain in the past month, I really did not want to deal with a muddy dog, on top of my list of things to clean, so I stopped .. which is not good for either of us ..
So I have started to take the dogs , for an after – dinner walk .. and I want to share with you , and odd truth; I have always heard that the French eat dinner very late, like 8 pm .. and I think, I understand why ..


I just came back inside from our walk – and its 9pm here !! do you see that daylight still ?? So, our usual routine is ; come home from work, around 6pm, then either work in the garden or run and do some errands before the store closes ( usually around 8pm- no 24hr Walmarts here) . Then start dinner yes, we do eat dinner at 8pm, but take a café to hold us over until dinnertime.


As you can see- the dogs and I are walking behind our new home – next to a wheat farm …its beautiful & peaceful . I like it when there are no people around- and all you see and hear is the wind sweeping the tops of the wheat around …(swoosh) …. And a faint smell of wisteria is on the wind..a VERY popular plant here .. if I close my eyes..I almost feel like I am back in South Carolina … except, I am wearing a light jacket, and you know that is not normal in June in S.C. – ha

One reply to “French Fact – Late Dinners

  1. You weren’t kidding about losing the dogs in the grass!! This looks so peaceful and serene, I’m so happy for you and NIc, looks like your babies have adjusted nicely!! ❤


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